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In Sakskrit, seva is derived from the words "saha" meaning "with that" and "eva," which means "too." We combine this to make, "together with." Seva is understood as "an act of selfless service without the expectation of reward or repayment." Those who live out their seva are actively giving back to their communities and ultimately helping their spiritual growth. 

As a wellness practitioner, I wish to offer guidance to all who seek out the practice of yoga. As a yoga teacher, I hope to share my practice with my Nashville community simply because I love to teach. I believe that through yoga, we as individuals can unify the physical body with our divine nature and higher Self; therefore tapping into our true, collective connection.




I primarily teach Hatha yoga, but tend to pull elements from Karma, Restorative, Vinyasa and Yin yoga styles too. This allows students the freedom to adapt each practice to their needs. I also intertwine health research and mindful anatomical alignment into each class because I truly want your yoga practice to be lifelong!


My classes are focused on developing awareness of the breath, the body and our sacred nature here on Earth through an active physical practice and mindful pranayama. This practice grows an appreciation and deeper connection to the body's physical and spiritual well-being by cultivating love for ourselves. When we can love ourselves freely and openly, that is when our gifts shine through. By creating a deeper connection with our health and connection to those around us, the unconscious self becomes aware of its own divine nature. Our eyes are opened to our own abilities and gifts.


Remember, yoga doesn’t care about your age, shape, how long you’ve practiced or if you can stand on your head (and neither do I.) You just have to show up. Show up on your mat and show up for yourself. So, please come and join me as we practice and grow together. Here we will embrace this life with intention as we embody self-love, ignite our sacred connection to the universal Source and flow forth into bliss.

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"Live your best Life!"

Seva Yoga Nashville