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January 2, 2017

That’s the saying, right? Well, I may be a day late, but I’m feeling quite rich. Not so much in the actual financial realm, but simply with the present state of things in my life. I move into this new calendar year with high hopes (and a sense of relief.) Why relief? S...

November 7, 2016

It's difficult for me to even start in on this topic. I mean, I have literally backspaced this paragraph 3 times before sticking with these two sentences. Plus, I promised myself to put up a blog entry every Thursday and its been almost 3 weeks since my last post! Comm...

October 13, 2016

Whether we sit, stand or walk a lot at work, we usually don’t focus much on our body’s physical needs during the day. At least not until they begin to hurt. Unfortunately for us, this is normal. Why would we focus on the way our bodies are moving or feeling when we are...

October 6, 2016

Autumn has arrived and right on cue, she brings an air of transition. A time when, outwardly, we feel the temperatures drop, watch the leaves change hue and grab for more layers to prepare for the coming cold; Fall is also the time when we tend to feel anxious or appre...

July 28, 2015



I hope this message finds you well.


Where do I begin? Yes, the journey within... The abbreviated version.


My journey began several years ago when I made the conscious decision to change some of my unhealthy habits. Growing up in the city of Atlanta, Georgia cons...

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