My Journey to New Health


I hope this message finds you well.

Where do I begin? Yes, the journey within... The abbreviated version.

My journey began several years ago when I made the conscious decision to change some of my unhealthy habits. Growing up in the city of Atlanta, Georgia consisted of the stereotypical dietary options of protein heavy, butter soaked foods three times per day and little desire for physical activity. Although the foods was (and still is) delicious, around the age of seventeen I realized I needed to start making healthier choices. It was time to cut out extra sugar and add in more movement! Slowly, over the next several years, I slowly removed specific items from my diet and began incorporating new, healthier practices into my life.

First, it began with indulgences, such as sodas, chips and ice cream. (I had a serious love for ice cream!) Intermittently, I started incorporating more physical activity and movement with running, exercise and yoga. Every few months, I would challenge myself to moderate or remove certain indulgences from my life. Coffee, pastries, cigarettes, etc. In 2010, I made the decision to cut most animal protein out of my diet and become a vege-quarian. (Yes, I do mean pescatarian.) That same year, I made a huge decision to move away from my childhood home of Atlanta and make Asheville, North Carolina my new home base.

I lived in Asheville for 5 years. There, I attended UNC Asheville and graduated with my bachelors degree in Health and Wellness Promotion. It was during these 5 years that my true journey of self discovery really took off. While discovering and studying the remarkable world of health promotion in college, I was absolutely blown away by the ease of changing my less than healthy habits. And the best part of this realization was that EVERYONE has the opportunity to do the same.

**( I certainly realize and understand that these choices are not easy for everyone and would never make claims that what I did is THE WAY to go about it, but through my personal experience I found the transistion to cause me very little stress.)

Coming to understand from my time spent in Asheville that I had a driving passion for health advocacy and wellness education led me to where I am today. My journey continues each day by taking control of my actions and choices. I only wish to be a nurturing guide to those around me who are walking their own path to self discovery and new health.

Here's to YOU!


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