Birthday Presence: Growing 'Young' with Age.

Well, yesterday was my 27th birthday and honestly the best day I've had in a while. I spent it sharing time with people whom I love. My amazing mother drove from Atlanta, Georgia simply to have lunch with me and my wonderful boyfriend showered me with kind gifts and beautifully written letters of when we first met 8 years ago. It showed me in real time just how loved I am by those who mean the most to me and for the first time (in what felt like forever), I was fully present. I had engaged in every single moment with them and others. I didn't lose moments to mundane "stuff" or focus on what the near future holds for me. I simply lived, breathed and experienced them and the day. It may seem silly to emphasize this, but it feels incredible to actually do that.

As I get "older" and grow into the adult that I am, it feels that so many of my days are spent getting lost in "what's next" instead of seeing "what's now." Yesterday, I was reminded of how blessed and grateful I am to have what I've been given in this world. It left me feeling utterly sated and whole this morning when I woke, that I'm almost "drunk" on the energy of it all still. Yesterday, was a beautiful reminder of how to connect with my Self. The Self. That cosmic, divine, sacred, universal Self. THAT is real life to me. Not how society tends to view 'real life.'

The way I perceive it, Realness is being aware of that presence of spirit in each moment. That bright, beaming connection with your life and those in it. It has a true energy about it; one that is stimulating and almost pervades my whole body when I've tapped in to it. I'm experiencing it all. The breath, the heart, the sun, the day and night, the honest love. Yesterday was that for me and today I'm still enveloped by its effects. I guess that means I kinda "get it" now. Ha! What a wonderful world we live in; what a magnificent life to share.

Feeling blessed, happy and whole.


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